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Make your own purifying linen and body spray! Sassy Mama Militza gives us a DIY guide


I used to love using body sprays and linen sprays… until I discovered what was in them! It’s a cocktail of chemicals that linger in your home, enter your body and are actually the major culprit of most allergies. And, the funny thing is that ever … [Read more...]

Going Green! How to freeze leafy greens & whip up a green smoothie


I was super excited when I received a monster head of kale from an organic fruit and veggie shop, and the first thing I did was to whip up a batch of kale chips, and then immediately devour them! Even with that, I still had tons of kale left, and I … [Read more...]

Make your own fruit and veggie wash! Keep those greens clean, mama!


Do you always give your fruit and veg a good wash before biting in? I’ll be honest, not always. Sometimes, when I’m really feeling a bit… lazy, I’ll do a quick splash under the tap, but if there were any pesticides or bacteria there that … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama DIY: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies — Naturally!


This tip for getting rid of fruit flies is probably something you’ve come across before, but perhaps never tried… That was me at least, until recently when my fruit fly situation went from occasionally annoying to seriously, they’re … [Read more...]

Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top 5 Green Baby Wear Brands


Top Image sourced via Organic Family Baby clothes have always been adorable, but now thanks to some great local shops they can be green as well!  So next time your little precious outgrows their tiny socks (and we all know how scarily often that … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Top 5 Organic Farms in Hong Kong


We all need to find a little sanctuary from time to time… and what better way to get away from the hustle and bustle than by going down to the farm! We’ve explored our top five organic food farms in Hong Kong, all located in the New Territories, … [Read more...]

Make a zero waste resolution for 2014 with Sassy Mama Claire


Top image sourced via Shutterstock The zero waste lifestyle is all about sustainability and should be fun. If you’re keen to experiment with a zero waste way of life, adopt a system that works for you and your family and have fun experimenting and … [Read more...]

We’re dreaming of a green Christmas!


For a fun and guilt-free (or almost guilt-free!) Christmas, Sassy Mama Claire Sancelot of Hong Kong Green Home shares three top tips on reducing waste, saving money and respecting the planet this holiday! Going Zero Waste is all about having fun … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama DIY: Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe


This fizzy bath recipe is pure joy! It’s the perfect remedy to a busy, stressed-out day: you’re smiling as you make it and giggling when you use it! It’s completely all-natural, and if you don’t already have the ingredients in your kitchen … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama DIY: Natural Lavender Household Cleaner Recipe


Here’s a simple way to infuse a vinegar, for the purpose of making your own natural household cleaner. I used dried lavender because it smells beautiful and, because we’re using it for cleaning our home, it’s also helpful that it has … [Read more...]

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