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Ask Andreas: Helper Abuse

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Many of us have been horrified in the past week by the pictures of Erwiana Sulistayaniangsih, a domestic helper from Indonesia who was allegedly severely abused for eight months by her employers. It is believed that they beat her with sticks and … [Read more...]

Silencing your helper, and why it is a bad idea

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Amazingly, there are employers than forbid helpers from speaking with other people than the employers themselves. There are even employers who don’t let their two helpers talk to each other while working together in the same apartment. Why is this? … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: How best to mark Christmas with your helper?


Our lovely helper started with us about three months ago - how do we make her feel appreciated this Christmas?  Typically what we do is buy a nice gift for Christmas. Something they like but wouldn't buy for themselves, for example a nice … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: How to find a temporary Helper in Hong Kong?


I am a full-time working mother of two. My current helper is pregnant, plans to have the baby in Hong Kong and will continue to be under contract with us for a year more after the birth. What is the best way to find a helper to fill in for the two … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: Bringing a helper to Hong Kong from Singapore


I am hoping to bring my helper to Hong Kong from Singapore. What is the process to do this? Can I bring her from day one with me, when my family fly over? We will not have a permanent place to live but will live in a serviced apartment - I assume my … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: Should My Helper Eat with the Family?


Is it the norm for helpers to eat with the family? My apartment isn't big, so I don't really feel comfortable asking her to eat in the kitchen or her room, but we don't get much family time together so want to spend it catching up wherever … [Read more...]

Why does she do that? Understanding why your helper may do things the way she does


Good communication skills are essential for a fulfilling relationship or a successful career, and many of us dedicate quite some time to honing these skills through our life. Now you have a helper responsible for the care of your children, those … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: My daughter prefers the helper over me, what should I do?


I feel that my daughter is starting to prefer my helper to me! Is this normal and how can I best deal with the situation?  In general this is completely normal. Look at it this way: if you lived with your parents, your daughter might often run to … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: My Helper wants a payrise but I think it’s too soon. What should I do?


My helper has been with us for 6 months and has just asked for a raise. I think this is too soon, although she is a good worker. What do you recommend? Unless you agreed to it before she was hired, a review at six month seems a bit early. You can … [Read more...]

Ask Andreas: What do you think about helper playdates?


I'm a full time working mum and my helper wants to hold 'helper play dates' in our home for the kids and helpers to get together. I'm unsure, mainly due to security, as I don't know who will be in my home! On the other hand, I want my helper to be … [Read more...]

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