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Sassy Scoop: What makes Safari Kid International Preschool different? Head to their Open House to find out!

safari open house dcg

As all Sassy Mamas know, it’s a jungle out there… a jungle of knowledge that is. As children grow up, their adventure through this uncharted territory is unique. The folks at Safari Kid International Preschool understand this and therefore … [Read more...]

International School or ESF? Sassy Mama Ruth Benny answers reader questions


I am currently 37 week pregnant, and beginning to think about education options for my son, but am unsure whether International School or ESF would be a better choice. What are the advantages and disadvantages of International Schools versus … [Read more...]

Climbing the education ladder in Hong Kong: a guide to schooling options from Primary to Tertiary


When choosing schools, getting the right combination of curriculum, style of teaching, language input, location and fees can be a lengthy and bewildering process for parents. Yet some other parents have very fixed ideas of what they want - even to … [Read more...]

Alternative preschools in Hong Kong: Sassy Mama Jessica explains Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf and more!


If you have a young toddler (or maybe even a bump), you’re probably already thinking about 6am queues to get an application form for that brand-name school; you know, the one with rigorous academics and tons of activities that all your friends are … [Read more...]

Is Bad Parenting the New Adultery? Sassy Mama Jennifer ponders High School’s Mean Girls


Hey Anna! Yeah you, Anna Karenina, lying pale and stricken on the train tracks. You think you’ve got it bad? You think it’s difficult being a woman without honour in Imperial Russia? So they call you improper, scandalous, an insult to decency. So … [Read more...]

Beat the bullies: we get the expert eye on what all parents need to know

bully DCG

Every school day there are thousands of students who wake up and dread going to school because they are afraid. The number of students who have been relentlessly bullied, even to the point of suicide, has increased at an alarming rate. Recently it … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: EXS Capital Seminars: Helping you with education planning from kindy to Ivy League


Now the dust has settled on the back-to-school frenzy, we have a little more free time to reflect on our plans for the coming few months and beyond. So the timing of the upcoming EXS Capital education planning seminars couldn’t be better! EXS … [Read more...]

Our education expert Ruth answers all your questions on schooling in Hong Kong


This week, Ruth Benny of Topschools (and former That Mama interviewee!) is focusing on preschools and kindergartens for younger children, and the importance of planning early for their education. My baby is 6 months old and people keep telling me … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Education fee planning causing headaches? Ask the expert!


Here at Sassy Mama, a number of us have very young kids, however the cost of their education is already at the forefront of our minds! And with the cost continuing to rise faster than inflation, this expense will continue to weigh pretty heavily for … [Read more...]

Gill Keefe of Jones Lang LaSalle gives us the lowdown on Hong Kong’s International Schools versus the English Schools Foundation


In Hong Kong we have a variety of international schools offering a variety of curricula. Working out which school is the best for your children can take a lot of research. Alongside international schools, many people also consider the English Schools … [Read more...]

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