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Top 10 hand luggage items to pack when flying with kids


Does the prospect of a long haul flight with a screaming baby or wayward toddler fill you with dread? Best to think like a Scout and ‘Be Prepared’. When it comes to hand luggage, never overload yourself – particularly if you are travelling as a … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Thailand: Easter Holiday Ideas from Mr & Mrs Smith!


Forget humdrum hot-cross buns and floors littered with candy-coloured foils, a quick Easter escape to sun-kissed Thailand is exactly what every mama needs to ensure there is nary a chocolate-smudge mark in sight. After some serious … [Read more...]

Women on a Mission: One Team’s Journey Across the Desert of Wadi Rum (Part Two)


You can read Part One of Women on a Mission’s expedition across the deserts of Wadi Rum here. The most challenging ascent however, was scaling the dizzying heights of Jebel Khazali, the most dramatic and difficult of the Wadi Rum mountains. We … [Read more...]

Women on a Mission: One Team’s Journey Across the Desert of Wadi Rum (Part One)


It’s quite fitting that women should have accomplished the very first recorded successful ascent of the mountains of Wadi Rum in Jordan, in November 1952. According to original documents from the times, two intrepid British female mountaineers … [Read more...]

Amanjiwo: Get away from it all in Borobudur, Java

Amanjiwo - Lobby

A journey to Borobudur feels like stepping back in time a few hundred years – a supremely peaceful, verdant, unspoiled valley nestled between mountains and active volcanoes, ancient ruins, barefoot villagers; the silence only broken by the calls to … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama: Mr & Mrs Smith’s springtime special


You’ve got it all wrong, summer-lovers and ice-queens – there’s no better time than spring to yacht off to somewhere seductive. The three family-friendly Smith hotels below deliver blue skies, cherry blossom and even offsite elephant … [Read more...]

The Sassy Mama Guide to Celebrating Chinese New Year 2014 in Hong Kong


No sooner has the Christmas period come to an end than it’s time for another of our favourite holidays! Yep, we Hong Kongers are blessed with not just one, but two New Years to celebrate, with all the attendant parties (and time off work!) that … [Read more...]

Stylish stays for Chinese New Year from Mr & Mrs Smith


If you haven’t quite had your fill of feasting, fireworks and festivities, you’re in luck: it’s time to saddle up and celebrate Chinese New Year. To usher in a new calendar’s worth of good luck, happiness and prosperity, boutique … [Read more...]

South Africa With Kids Part Two: Cape Town Luxury at More Quarters And The One and Only


You can read part one of our South African adventure right here. Touching down in Cape Town, we immediately noticed two things: firstly, it was suddenly a lot cooler than where we’d been, at around 18 degrees, and secondly, the air was amazingly … [Read more...]

South Africa With Kids Part One: Family-Friendly Safari At Madikwe Safari Lodge


Despite having often dreamed of an African safari holiday, I had always consigned the idea to the “one day, when my son is grown up” file of fantasy travel destinations that I store at the back of my mind (see also: Antarctica, Easter Island and … [Read more...]

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