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Date Night Spa: A romantic night away with Sense of Touch’s Double Couples Martini Ritual

couples spa (1)

As parents constantly running from soccer practice to ballet lessons to parent-teacher sessions, it can be almost impossible to steal a moment away for ourselves! When people ask, "What do you do to keep the romance alive in your relationship?" the … [Read more...]

Indulge in a mama-pampering session with a LUXUS massage and facial!


I’m always a little reluctant to go for facials. I always feel a little short changed; you don’t get the relaxation of a full blown massage nor do you come out with a shiny new mani to flaunt. BUT now there are no more excuses because this … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Guide to Fitness Classes in Hong Kong!


Calling all mamas — long-time mamas, new-mamas and mamas-to-be. We know how scary jumping back on the fitness bandwagon can be and how hard it is to find time in-between bottles and packed lunches. Ever here to help you get back on the running … [Read more...]

MiraSpa: TST’s stylish spa for the shopped-out mama

mira spa

I’m going to go out on a limb and declare Tsim Sha Tsui not the most relaxing part of Hong Kong. It’s all parts of awesome if you like a crowd or a copy watch, but relaxation? Not so much. Unless you step into the sublime hotel The Mira on Nathan … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Ultimate Hong Kong Detox Guide


“Detox?!” we hear you scoff. We know that word once sounded appealing, perhaps even achievable. That once upon a time it did what it said on the tin, that it really did give us an other worldly glow, our pores really did emit holy water and we … [Read more...]

City-slicker Mama: Go from sleep-deprived to stylish chic with the right summer shades!


I think all mamas will agree, some days you just gotta fake it till you make it! There'll probably be days (or weeks or months) where no matter how much under-eye concealer you use, those sleepless nights and stressful days dealing with your little … [Read more...]

Pregnant mama pampering at the W Hotel Hong Kong’s Bliss Spa

spa bliss

Located up on the 116th floor of the ultra-stylish W Hotel, Bliss Spa is one of the coolest pampering spots in the city, combining top-quality products, excellent therapists and a tongue-in-cheek approach to beauty. No, you won’t find any whale … [Read more...]

Best Hair Tips: How to manage your hair in Hong Kong’s humidity


Whether you love the Hong Kong humidity or hate it, one thing's for sure: this little force of nature can wreak havoc on your hair. Anyone who has spent more than a few weeks in Hong Kong’s summer will know about battling the unwelcome curls and … [Read more...]

Get fit and fierce with Siobhan Dumigan’s personal training sessions


So far my New Year’s resolution has stuck. I wanted to be fit and strong, both for myself, and to set a good example for my kid. Little did I know I would be throwing myself into all kinds of trials and sports, contorting my body into painful and … [Read more...]

Pamper yourself at Flawless Spa this Mother’s Day!

rose facial dcg2

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Flawless has done it again by making every mama and non-mama alike feel like a million bucks. Mother’s Day comes once a year, but we all know that celebrating mums should be an everyday occurrence, am I … [Read more...]

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